Welcome to LDH Marketing


I’m a freelancer recently moved from London to Ipswich. offering support to other freelancers, small businesses, charities, education providers and individuals in the following areas:

  • online content creation
  • marketing and communications
  • events
  • office and business support
  • training

I have over 30 years’ experience covering the private sector, national government, further and higher education, and the voluntary sector and have qualifications in marketing, administration, languages and training.Working from home I can offer extremely competitive pricing. I’m used to working with very small budgets and squeezing out the maximum impact for the minimum spend.

I have also worked successfully in many turnaround and change management roles helping struggling organisations to improve and set up or create effective marketing operations.Whether you’re looking for  a one-off small piece of work, a longer-term project or a marketing/communications ‘buddy’ you can turn to for a wide range of advice before you commit to any major expenditure, or you need to improve your IT skills and want some training or help, please feel free to contact me (it costs nothing to ask) and I will put forward a proposal and costings for you.

Best wishes

Leigh Horton