Milestones in marketing, management and world events

Milestones in management graphic

When did Alan Turing set out his proposals for the first computer? Frederick Taylor publish Scientific Management? When was the Institute of Public Relations founded and when did the Institute of Marketing receive its Chartered status? When did Maslow publish Motivation and Personality? When was the first mobile phone? Which company was founded first: Adobe, Apple, Microsoft or Google? Which was launched first: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

And how did these major developments in business and marketing fit in with great world events: the world wars, the depression, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Reagan–Thatcher privatisation years?

Whether you’re studying for exams, putting together a presentation for work, or thinking about your PESTLE analysis, this timeline ‘Milestones in management‘ could save you hours and hours of work!

Management theory cannot be disconnected from major international events.

Although it’s difficult to prove cause and effect, political and economic developments have often influenced new management thinking.

So this timeline brings together dates for the accession of kings and queens of the United Kingdom (and their other realms), the World Wars, the election of US presidents and some key dates for China and Russia/The USSR during the 20th and 21st century with the publication of some of the most important management books and some of the key developments in the digital revolution.

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