After 30 years experience starting in the private sector and working in central government, FE, HE and most recently the voluntary sector I am now self-employed and in October 2013 moved from London to Ipswich.

My experience has covered marketing, in which I have my main qualifications, plus communications, event management and business operations. I am also a qualified trainer.

I’m one of those rare all rounders who is as happy doing creative work as I am with a spreadsheet, updating a website, and writing and proofreading.

My career has included writing briefings for Ministers and managing high profile national publicity campaigns, being responsible for branding in major government departments/agencies, to shifting boxes on exhibition stands and handing out leaflets outside tube stations.

I’ve devised and successfully managed a financial and management recovery programme for a national charity and in September 2014 created and successfully launched a new website for a local charity in London. This year I’ve launched a website for a community centre in Ipswich and for the last couple of years I’ve been remotely helping a shop in Brighton improve their WordPress skills and advising on improving their search engine rankings.

Yes, I’m incredibly flexible — and able to see the wider picture as well as being strong on details — and that’s vital in any marketing role!

As a freelancer working from home, my overheads are very low and my prices can therefore be extremely competitive.

I’m multilingual, understand a lot of geek but speak and write Plain English.

Whether you need some marketing, business or web support for a few hours a month, have a specific project in mind, need some consultancy, training help or just some deliverables, take a look at my website and please contact me to discuss your need and for a quotation.

Take a look too at my blog posts and marketing guides — they have lots of useful tips and information for small and medium sized businesses and not-for-profits and links to resources that will save you hours scouring the web and I’ll be updating them regularly.

Best wishes

Leigh Horton

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