If you work, volunteer or are a trustee in the voluntary sector the amount of information you are expected to try to follow can be quite overwhelming.

To save you wading through too much information on my site, I’ve created this page to highlight some of the topics of most interest to charities.

Houses of Parliament See the Select Committee grill the ICO and charities on fundraising (10/20/2015) - Watch the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee grill the Information Commissioner and witnesses from leading charities about fundraising practices following recent controversies, which was broadcast today (Tuesday 20 October 2015).
How many Mr Smiths graphic Why the Fundraising Preference Service is doomed to fail (9/24/2015) - If the Mailing Preference Service doesn't stop junk mail and the Telephone Preference Service doesn't stop nuisance calls, why does anyone believe the proposed Fundraising Preference Service will be any more successful? Leigh Horton sets out why he thinks it could cause more harm than good. Take the test and see if you can work out how many Mr Smiths there are!
Online learning graphic Back to study without paying a penny or leaving home (9/8/2015) - My top tips for some of the thousands of online courses now available in marketing and (almost) every other subject under the sun! There are courses at all levels, suitable for all ages and most are free. There's never been a better time to get involved in lifelong learning.
Free fonts graphic Now you can change your font on WordPress.com for free (8/3/2015) - WordPress.com has introduced a new facility that allows you to change the font on your WordPress.com blog or website for free and very easily — without any coding.
Employing Young people mock cover graphic Do you employ people? Or have volunteers? Get this free guide from the CIPD (7/29/2015) - The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) has published an excellent guide and practical toolkit today: Employing young people A step-by-step guide for SMEs. Also a useful resource for charities with staff or volunteers of any age.
Mobile friendly test graphic Test your site for tablet and mobile use (7/14/2015) - How well does your website work on tablets and mobile phones? This became a hot topic this year with two announcements from Google: 'Mobilegeddon' in April and in May the announcement that viewing websites on mobile had overtaken computers for first time. This post tells you how to check whether your site is mobile friendly, and why it should be!
EU Cookie widget WordPress.com new cookies widget (7/13/2015) - On 30 June 2015 WordPress.com introduced a new EU Cookies Directive widget you can activate on your WordPress.com website/blog. This post explains what it is and why you need a Cookies and privacy policy on your website to comply with the law.
The Essential Trustee Charity Commission issues new trustee responsibilities guidance (7/12/2015) - The Charity Commission this week issued new guidance on trustees' responsibilities. Called The Essential Trustee, it follows on from a consultation exercise last autumn and covers the six main areas of a trustee's role. Essential reading for any current or prospective trustee.
MOOCs graphic Are you missing out on the new social learning? (And, it’s free) (2/20/2015) - After social media it was natural that social would extend into the learning sphere and that is the new revolution in learning that is now happening in the UK. This article explores the first year of FutureLearn the largest provider of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in the UK.
Milestones in management graphic Milestones in marketing, management and world events (1/27/2015) - When did Alan Turing set out his proposals for the first computer? Frederick Taylor publish Scientific Management? When was the Institute of Public Relations founded and when did the Institute of Marketing receive its Chartered status? When did Maslow publish Motivation and Personality? When was the first mobile phone? Which company was founded first: Adobe, Apple, Microsoft or Google? Which was launched first: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Ideal for managers, students and quizzes!
Number one on Google graphic Beware the SEO and website scams: and report them (10/9/2014) - Beware the scam emails offering false search engine optimisation (SEO) services or reviews of your website. They are phishing attempts (trying to get your personal details) and are not safe.
Close the Charity Commission? Or help charities to help themselves? (12/9/2013) - Should the Charity Commission be closed as Margaret Hodge MP has proposed following a critical National Audit Office Report? Should more be done by charities themselves to improve the way they operate?

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