Test your site for tablet and mobile use

Mobile friendly test graphic

How well does your website work on tablets and mobile phones?

This became a hot topic this year with two announcements from Google.

21 April 2015 ‘Mobilegeddon’

The first announcement was that Google was changing its search algorithms from 21 April 2015 to flag up sites that were mobile friendly. By definition this would also flag up those sites that were not, and the implication was that sites that were not mobile friendly would be pushed down Google’s search rankings. This date coined the name ‘Mobilegeddon’.

5 May 2015 Mobile overtakes computers for first time

On 5 May 2015 the rationale for ‘Mobilegeddon’ was spelled out in Google’s blog:

“more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”

Source: Google, 5 May 2015

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