Ipswich Community Centre

I created a website for The Meeting Place, Whitehouse in Ipswich.

The Meeting Place is a Community Interest Company. The building is the former Whitehouse Residents’ Association and had been closed and empty for some time.

Mags Fortune reopened the centre in autumn 2014, with support from Ipswich Borough Council, and is also using it as a base for Wot’s Up, which provides activities for people with learning disabilities.

The website has been produced to be simple to use and maintain and to be highly accessible to the very diverse audience the centre attracts.

Using WordPress.com the site also achieves another aim of keeping to a very low budget — £0 in fact as there are no hosting costs and I undertook the work for free.

The work including creating many of the graphics including the site header and a floorplan, drafting all the content and will include online promotion and search engine optimisation.

At the moment there is no ‘www’ domain name — it’s extremely difficult to find a suitable free domain name given that The Meeting Place is so generic and Whitehouse and all its combinations seems to be rather popular with the Americans! So for now this will be an interesting experiment in how far you can go with a website through link building and organic search minus a ‘www’ domain name.

If you’re in the Ipswich area, please do add a link to this site!



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