Below is a summary of some of the services I offer. Take a look at my marketing guides and WordPress and web services also for more ways I could help you.

Marketing needs to have a strategic approach — clear and measurable objectives, a thorough understanding of your target audiences and how to most cost-effectively reach them, and a co-ordinated strategy and implementation plan that maximises the synergy of using different media.

Finally you need to build in ways of evaluating the effectiveness of what you do — measure, measure and measure — and learn from what does and doesn’t work.

My wide ranging experience means I can help you at each stage, including:
  • Advice and consultancy
  • Business support such as:
    • forms and surveys
    • induction and training packs
    • small intranets and private project websites
    • spreadsheets
    • office templates
    • using Google products to enhance productivity
  • Presentations and screenshows
  • Project management:
    • an extra pair of hands on a project
    • an extra pair of hands on the day (eg for an event)
  • SEO and editorial style guide
  • Strategic and planning help
  • Training and digital skills support
  • Web and social media content:
    • graphics
    • e-brochures
    • blog and web page content
    • forms and surveys
    • maps
    • floorplans
  • WordPress blogs and websites:
    • developing a new site
    • help with your existing site
    • training
  • Writing, editing and proofreading

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