See the Select Committee grill the ICO and charities on fundraising

Houses of Parliament

Watch the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee grill the Information Commissioner and witnesses from leading charities about fundraising practices following recent controversies, which was broadcast today (Tuesday 20 October 2015).

The broadcast includes the Information Commissioner’s views on the proposed Fundraising Preference Service (see my post on why I also don’t think a Fundraising Preference Service will work), and his reaction to charities who thought somehow the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations that apply to direct marketing didn’t really apply to the sector.

There are also some interesting insights into how some charities approached the procurement of contractors.

Charities do amazing work, but this broadcast does show how some basic management approaches and skills have been lacking in the sector.

There’s also still a big education job to make the public and MPs understand the pressures charities are under and how so many are forced to operate on a shoestring.

This broadcast should be an essential training video for any trustee or charity manager!

Please share with anyone you know in the voluntary sector.

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School websites under the spotlight from Ofsted and Gove

Could your website trigger an inspection

Could your website trigger an inspection

The House of Commons was told this week that Ofsted is being asked by Michael Gove to look at school websites to ensure they are providing good quality information for parents and “pointing out that inspectors will use the publication of this information as a starting point when considering inspection of provision in the school”. The full text is reproduced below.

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