The uses for for WordPress don’t stop at a normal blog or website.

A site can also be set to private, only visible to invited users — and even password protected— opening up the possibility of a lot of different uses.

Here are just some other ways you can use WordPress — most of which I’d base on as it is totally free.

Public sites

Online CV

Show off your CV and work more impressively than you can on LinkedIn — just add a link from your LinkedIn profile or Facebook/other social media.

Archive site for companies, charities, schools etc

Does your organisation have an interesting history? Old photos? A major anniversary coming up? Creating a standalone archive site is one way of sharing this information with the wider world, protecting your records and you could involve staff and others in creating it without the hassle of giving them access to your main website.

Campaign or community event website/blog

Are you running a short-term campaign or community event? You can do this through eg Facebook groups, but your options for displaying content on Facebook is very restricted. Link to a separate website and you have a lot greater freedom and increased visibility.

Holiday and private rentals

If you rent out a caravan, boat, holiday chalet, room or even a flat, especially if you are advertising it privately, creating a website with pictures, a floorplan, local map, local attractions could really give you the edge over the competition. You could also have a separate private website with key documents (see House log below).

Private sites

Make your site private, restrict users, password protect key pages to further restrict access, private sites have lots of uses. Google Sites also offers a free website creation tool  that works for these uses too (it’s not very pretty hence I wouldn’t recommend it for external audiences).

Small intranet

Ideal for freelancers and very small organisations who can’t afford a bespoke (expensive) intranet that is the norm now for bigger companies).

Load up your key documents, links to important websites, branding materials, link to a Google calendar with reminders about HMRC deadlines and other key dates. You can create an office in the cloud, ideal if you’re moving around a lot, work from home or at a client’s address and a backup if your office is flooded or damaged in any way.

Use the blogging facility to communicate news to your colleagues (they’ll be automatically emailed every time you post). You can even add free live chat.

Create pages devoted to learning and staff development (see Learning log below), so training can be shared with colleagues, and retained for future revision and induction — this is both a good training technique and saves you money on training costs.

Extranet/project website

Like a small intranet, but you share it with people outside your organisation: key clients, suppliers, funders (charities). Embed some presentations. There’s also free software you can use for project planning (simple Gantt charts, or use an embedded Google Docs spreadsheet).

House log

Keep pdfs of all your key house documents: land registry, deeds, insurance policies on a private website.

Link to a Google calendar with email alerts for renewal dates. Put your electricity, gas and water bills on a Google spreadsheet and embed in your site (add some graphs too). You can run your house from the beach or anywhere you have internet access.

When you come to sell, this is a real boon when you’re filling out all the property information forms.

If you’re living in leasehold property and jointly own the freehold this is also a really good way of managing all the freehold responsibilities with your co-freeholders.

Family websites

For anyone increasingly concerned about privacy and security on Facebook and other social media, here’s a better alternative.

Create a website for eg:

  • a major family event like a wedding
  • a family archive of old photos, family history, your family tree, and page and Google map link to all the places you’ve lived … the possibilities are endless — really useful if you have a relative living with memory loss and great for interactions between the generations
  • recording a gap year or major trip (and keeping in touch at a distance if relatives move away)
  • managing the affairs of a relative for whom you have Lasting Power of Attorney
  • selling your car, clearing out your garage or loft for a boot sale, putting something on Ebay or Gumtree? Just send a link to serious enquirers and weed out anyone who would not be truly interested

Learning log

Store course materials, make notes, embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TEDTalk and the growing number of sites that are offering online learning resources, many of which are free.

You can access your learning wherever you are (brilliant for temporary and contract workers), and go back and revise in months and years to come so you get better value for money.

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