WordPress is the world’s most popular platform (or content management system) for creating blogs and websites and for many good reasons:

  • The software is free
  • There are two versions to choose from, WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • It’s scalable: you can have a very basic blog or website, a complex full scale site, or something in between
  • A basic site can be up and running within an hour or so — though as with all websites time spent planning is vital and you need to allow time to run the site once it’s set up
  • WordPress.com is totally free — hosting, security, backup —there are some low cost optional upgrades but you can run a professional website for absolutely nothing
  • WordPress.org software is also free — you just pay monthly hosting — typically £5-£10 a month typically and you choose the host (there are thousands), you’re not tied in to one supplier
  • You can use your own domain name (‘www’ web address) — typically £15-£20 a year, though some hosts include one free — buy one through WordPress, or if you don’t need a domain name WordPress.com has the free option of just using the format yoursite.worpress.com
  • WordPress is very well set up for search engines
  • WordPress  is easy to learn, though WordPress.org does need more technical knowledge than WordPress.com
  • WordPress integrates well with social media and a lot of other sites and software
  • WordPress design templates ‘themes’ are often responsive — designed to work well whether viewed on a laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone, without the need to create separate sites or apps
  • As lots of people use WordPress you’ll find it easier:
    • to recruit staff with WordPress skills
    • find support online (WordPress has extensive help pages and online forums)
    • find other people with WordPress skills if you do need more advanced help

Compare the costs (or lack of them!)

This table is best viewed on a computer/laptop.



  • £0
  • Not available
www domain name
  • Optional extra
  • Domain names cost typically £15-20 per year (unless
    you want to pay for a very specific one)
  • If you have an existing domain name you can transfer
    at no cost
  • Required: some hosts may give a free one
  • Domain names cost typically £15-20 per year unless you want to pay for a very specific one
  • If you have an existing domain name you can transfer at no cost
Hosting cost
  • £0
  • You pay a monthly fee through the host you choose
    typically £5-£10 per month
Other essential costs
  • £0
  • £0
Upgrades available
  • Yes a number of paid upgrades available but not
  • Yes a number of paid upgrades available but not
Total annual cost
without a domain
  • £0
  • Not available: a domain name is a requirement
Total (typical) annual cost with a domain
  • £15-20
  • £130-£150

Upgrades include

(At Sep 2014,
costs are given in US Dollars)

  • No ads
    WordPress reserves the right to run a small ad on
    each page of your site, this upgrade removes the ad (ads do not necessarily appear though)
  • Premium
    there are over 250 free themes, and just over 100
    premium themes ranging from about $20-$100
  • CSS
    Editor (Custom Design):
    If you know CSS you can modify
    your theme layout, colours, fonts etc. $30 per year
  • Video
    You can embed YouTube/Vimeo etc videos for free, but if you want to load HD quality videos to your own site you can do so for $60 a year
  • Space
    upgrade from $20 a year:
    you can get extra storage and
    upload audio files with the space upgrade. However you get 3Gb per site for free (difficult to use as image and graphic files are compressed
    automatically) and can embed links from sites like Spotify for free
  • Upgrade
    package $79 per year:
    Domain name and mapping, 10Gb extra storage, custom design, no ads and video press can all be bought together for $79 per year
  • Premium
    there are hundreds of free themes from a wide
    range of suppliers plus hundreds of premium themes if you want something extra
  • CSS
    Editor (Custom Design):
    this is built into WordPress.org
    so is not an upgrade
  • Plugins:
    free plugins cover most things you’ll need, some have extra functionality on a freemium model, some plugins are premium (priced) only. There are nearly 30,000 plugins in total!
  • Hosting:
    hosting costs vary, you can choose any host (there are hundreds) and your hosting costs will relate to the amount of traffic and amount of storage you need

Other costs

  • Your time
  • Any
    training you need
    (there are a lot of free resources online)
  • Any
    external support you decide to contract
    eg commissioning
    graphics, or if you need help setting up your site

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